Friendship, Family, & Fashion 

We are two young black entrepreneurs, and childhood friends. We started Flare & Square during college, we felt empowered to make a difference in our community and saw entrepreneurship as the avenue to do so.


The originality behind our designs stems from the combination of Mawukle's background as a Ghanaian immigrant and Fatima's experience studying fashion design at the Denver School of Arts.


Our dream is to build an organization that goes beyond fashion. We are working to  support and bring awareness to issues around education, health, and positive self esteem.


By buying Flare & Square's products and supporting our mission, you are improving your style while helping to improve the lives of others in our community, both locally and globally. Thank you!



Mawukle & Fatima 


Fatima Rashad

Founder / Owner

Mawukle Yebuah

Founder / Owner


We believe it is our duty to service our stakeholders and bring positive influences to the communities in which they live, both locally and globally. We are partnering with organizations to support their efforts addressing issues around education, health, and positive self esteem. 


Please take advantage our promotions and support the organizations we partner with!!




If you or your organization would like to partner with Flare & Square, please fill out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you.  

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