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11 Gifts for Her

We all know it. Valentine's Day is around the corner and it is moment we realize we have no idea what to get our partners. It is easy to revert to just candies, stuffed animals, and jewelry - but what if you could get more creative so that she will truly feel special? We have put together a few suggestions for gifts this year. Maybe one will be that perfect gift that’ll leave her gleaming and you feeling like the man.

Pampering Gifts:

It’s no secret that most women love to be pampered. Here are some gifts we picked that are sure to make her smile:

#1. Day at a Korean Spa - Most Korean Spas offer dry and wet saunas, mud rooms, hot baths, and massages. She’ll feel rejuvenated and calm and renewed after a day at the Spa. Moreover, most offer gift cards so you can skip appointments and allow her to go whenever she feels like it.

#2. Gift card to Nail Salon - If she likes to get her nails done - get her a gift card to the nail salon that ensures she can take more than 1 visit. Ask a worker how much a typical manicure and pedicure cost. She will be happy that she gets to go more than once!

#3. Create an At-Home Spa gift basket for her. Sometimes she doesn’t always feel like getting out of the house to relax. Bringing the spa to her is the next best option. Knack Modern Gift giving allows you to curate the perfect spa basket based on her likes/needs. There are so many options to choose from - allowing you to add a personalized touch. Create yours here.

Small Sentimental Gifts:

#4. Get a "what I love about you" journal - Sweet and inexpensive, she will really think that you took the time out of the day to craft meaningful responses and reasons why you love her.

#5. Engraved heart necklace - Another small but sentimental gift she’ll cherish this for a long time. Check out these heart necklaces by TomDesign

For those who love to be in the kitchen:

#6. Personalized cutting board - Nothing better than be reminded of the one you love every time you have to make a meal. An engraved customized cutting board is a unique gift that she will not be expecting. MilkandHoneyLuxuries has so many options you can choose from!

#7. Juicer! - This is the perfect gift for those who are trying to improve their health, into health. This is a much needed appliance in the kitchen that she will be sure to appreciate. Here is an inexpensive one that is high quality.

#8. Wine Subscription Box - If she's a wine lover, she will definitely love this gift. Every month she will get to explore 4 new bottles of wine at her doorstep. Not only will this satisfy her wine cravings she’ll be reminded or your sweet gesture every time she opens that box. Winc offers one of the best Wine subscriptions out there.

For those who love Fashion & Beauty:

#9. Clothing subscription - Since we are harping on subscription boxes - why not extend it to clothing? First, this will eliminate you ever having to go to a clothing store for her because you get a personal stylist online! After the first box, she can go in and tailor the style to her needs, but she will definitely feel special with all her new goodies. Some of the best clothing subscription boxes include StichFix and BoxofStyle (If she’s into more luxury fashion).

#10. Fashion Coloring book - It’s a proven fact that coloring can reduce stress. If she loves fashion, she will love this. An opportunity for her to be creative but stay relaxed at the same time. Vogue Colors A to Z: A Fashion Coloring Book is a great coloring book option.

#11. Make-up Palette - If she puts on makeup she probably wants variety every now a then, which is why palettes are a great option because they are diverse. Sephora cosmetics has many great options to choose from but like any beauty store - it can be severely overwhelming. Grab this Rose Gold Palette for her, it's suitable for all skin tones and will give her something to play around with.

Or the Trophy Wife Life Makeup Set.

There are so many gifts to choose from, this list will hopefully spark some inspiration and get your feet wet so that she will have the most magical day. Moments like these are unforgettable, so it’s best to be intentional as possible.

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